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The more you know, the luckier you are

Ancient Chinese Proverb

The more you know about your audience and prospects, the more effective your marketing efforts will be.

Coracle offers cost-effective research and evaluation services to help you plan and implement marketing strategies that make a real difference.

We provide primary and secondary research services to find the answers you need. We can also help you to frame and deliver the research findings in a way that engages your colleagues or informs your management teams. The emphasis is always on clear outcomes and action.

  • Asking the right questions

We take the time and trouble to understand your organisation and its audiences. We develop the questions to ask to get the answers you need.

We have substantial experience of telephone and face-to-face interviews, focus groups and observation, mystery shopping and online surveys. We also offer support for secondary research from published sources.

  • Understanding the answers

This is the crucial part. Understanding the research findings and taking appropriate action. We offer critical insight and interpretation to ensure that your organisation fully understands the implications of research findings and adopt the right strategies to address them.

  • Applying the solution

It doesn’t stop with a research report. That’s only the start. We can help implement strategies to respond to research findings so that future marketing efforts are informed by real insights.